Casa degli Artisti

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Tenno, Italy

The Casa degli Artisti turn Tenno into an appealing residence for both Italian and foreign artists.

The Medieval town of Canale in Tenno is seeing a revival of cultural and artistic initiatives thanks to its institutions, such as the Casa degli Artisti  - which have allured several artists into choosing the area as the location for their summer residences. Located in the town-centre, the Pinacoteca Europea has become an important venue for modern and contemporary art exhibitions.
The Casa degli Artisti is headquartered at the further end of the town and has just been opened after intense refurbishing works. Based on an idea by painter Giacomo Vittone - who used to sign his paintings as Pictor Dominicus - it became a key meeting-place for art, culture, theatre and photography-lovers, as well as an enchanting stop on an original and attractive route between Lake Garda and the Dolomites. The Consorzio Casa degli Artisti is a legal entity including the Municipalities of Tenno, Arco and Riva del Garda  which supports and organises exhibitions, seminars, and theme classes, as well as study-holidays together with art schools and academies.



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Closed. We advice you to contact the following number for information on visits.

Closing Day: Monday


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Casa degli Artisti
Borgo Medioevale di Canale
Tenno, Italy
+39 (0464) 502022
+39 (0464) 503220 Comune di Tenno
+39 (0464) 519246

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