Lago di Garda

Features: Suitable for bathing

Riva del Garda, Italy

Lake Garda is the largest and most attended lake in Italy.

The Lake is equal to almost 370 million square meters in size on its surface. It covers an area of a little over 51 km and is 17 m wide (at its maximum width). The Lake's total size on Trentino soil is of 14.5 km², while its depth is of 346 m.
Located at 65 m above sea level, Lake Garda has been renowned since ancient times for its unique, Mediterranean climate. As a result, the vegetation in the area is more typical of other latitudes, and includes olive trees - a consortium has been specifically established to manufacture and market olive oil from Garda - cypresses, holm oaks and an array of citrus trees. Not coincidentally, its waters are said to have frozen just once, back in 1709. The Garda basin features several different origins: tectonic, glacial and moranial.
The only ports on Lake Garda in Trentino are located in Riva del Garda and Nago Torbole. The lake is renowned amongst sailors and windsurfing-enthusiasts because of the regularity with which the Ora del Garda wind blows every day. Lake Garda is also popular amongst climbers for its rock-climbing walls, which hang right above the water.




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Se siete amanti dell'arrampicata non potete mancare all'appuntamento di #RockMasterArco! Avete tempo fino a domenica 7 settembre (y) --> Foto di Gardasee - Garda Trentino - #TrentinoSport
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Via Lattea sul lago di Garda ... vista da Torbole sul Garda.
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