Lago di Toblino


Vezzano, Italy

Lake Toblino with its castle is a postcard-like place of Trentino.

Toblino's small Alpine lake is located in the valley-bottom and is surrounded by a luxuriant and highly interesting reed thicket. Thanks to its unique botanic and ethologic features, the entire area has been recognised as a biotope. Located at 245 m a.s.l., the lake lies in the last part of the Valle dei Laghi, just a short distance away from Trento, as well as from the towns of Pedergnone, Sarche, Vezzano and Calavino.
Marked by the presence of the castle bearing its name, Lake Toblino is considered one of the most enchanting bodies of water of Trentino. The shelter provided by the hills together with Lake Garda's mild climate has favoured the growth of olive trees, and of a wide array of vegetation. The lake is also used as a resting hub by migratory birds and houses a wide range of different fish species. It is also connected to Lake Santa Massenza, making it a striking and highly romantic destination for visitors.




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Consorzio ProLoco Valle dei Laghi
Via Roma, 61/1
38070 Vezzano, Italy
+39 (0461) 864400
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