Riserva integrale Tre Cime del Monte Bondone


Viote, Italy

The Tre Cime del Monte Bondone integral nature reserve is one of the most highly prized botanic gardens in the Alps.

At the Tre Cime del Monte Bondone Nature Reserve, man's interference is solely limited to observation and research. The nature reserve is 185 hectares wide and is managed by the Tridentine Museum of Natural Sciences. It boasts a highly varied and fascinating array flora from a naturalistic point of view. The douglasia vitaliana, the veronica bonarota and the physoplexis comosa all grow here, as do the Alpine and mountain anemone and the silver-leaf geranium. Furthermore, Viote basin boasts glacial origins and includes a so-called flat peat bog. Several mosses and bog mosses similar to those traditionally found in northern peat bogs located in circumboreal regions - such as Russia, Finland and Sweden - have also been discovered here.
The botanic gardens were established in 1938 and boast more than 2,000 different species of plants and flowers from leading mountain ranges around the world. The Viote peat bog is located just a short distance away, at 1,550 m a.s.l. It is approximately 20 hectares wide and is known as the Palù di Bondone. The Centre for Alpine Ecology stands at 1,500 m and has been operative since 1993. It was established to promote and carry out research, training and educational activities focusing specifically on Alpine ecosystems - and nowadays is part of the Mach Foundation.




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Albeinmalga: voi ci siete stati? Io due settimane fa, sul monte Bondone https://gamberettarossa.wordpress.com/2015/09/05/albeinmalga-sul-monte-bondone-a-vedere-il-sorgere-del-sole/
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“Non si può rimanere indifferenti di fronte a tanta magnificenza! Sua maestà "La montagna" rapisce cuore e mente di ogni essere vivente.” [cit. Davide Risalvato, amico di Visit Trentino] #TrentinoWow - Monte Bondone come un vulcano, Foto di Fabrizio Gottardi
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Il mio ♡ sicuro! agosto 30 at 08:56
Bellissimo il monte Bondone agosto 30 at 09:06

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